Back it Up!

Have you ever heard of a back up contract?

You can get yourself into the home of your dreams by having a contract waiting when a high demand house is in play.

Check out how by having a back up plan, you can get win that house!

You can read about the in and outs of  “backing it up” HERE


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Getting Out of the Winter Blues

By mid February, we are all ready for some cheering up from the winter cold.


image: Daniel Pratt

Did you know that something a simple as taking out your screens and adding lighter color drapery to your home can brighten everything up?

DIY network has great tips on how you can brighten your home and get out of the winter ho hum. Check it out here! Brightening up your home during winter.

What tips do you do to get yourself out of the winter blues?

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Hall of Fame 2017

I would like to thank all of my clients. Without you, this would not be possible! Thank you!!patty-bain-remax-award-2017

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How To Even Out the Playing Field

Sometimes you are faced with a yard dilemma. Does your yard have and steep slopes?


image: Marian Kraus

Home by Design explains how a young couple turned their steep property into their dream property. Check out how they got their  landscaping on point and On Even Keel.

Do you have any challenging areas around your home? How did you handle them? I’d love to know!

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Congratulations to my buyers Matthew and Jordon on their new home in East Providence!

I wish you lots of luck and memories on your new home!


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Shades of Gray

The perfect shade of grey is actually not that easy to find.

With undertones of tan, green and blue, how is one suppose to choose?


image: Emily Payne

Head over to and check out their 15 Shades of Gray Gallery. Take the guess work out of picking that perfect gray hue.

Do you have a favorite shade of gray? If so please share!!


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Avoiding Rush Hour!


Spring is on it’s way.. Spring is the Real Estate Rush Hour!  There are many  pros and cons of waiting for the Spring to buy or sell a home . tells how selling/buying in the off season gives you less competition, more lender accessibility and much more.

Head over to read the article : Avoid The Real Estate Rush and give some thought about listing your home now rather than waiting for Spring!

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