Congratulations to my sellers in Smithfield on the sale of their home!


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How renting is not always better…

Did you know that owning a house is sometimes cheaper than rent?

Magical sunrise over sleepy, foggy neighborhood

RISMedia shows the statistics that higher rents are causing people to buy for a lower cost.

Head ove the RISMedia and find out all of the interesting details!

As always, contact me to help you find your perfect new home.


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Let’s Eat Cake Like a Leprechaun!

Have you ever wondered how to make a rainbow cake?


Food Network  has you covered! With a step by step guide, you will end up with a Leprechaun worthy cake.

Maybe there will be a pot of gold at the bottom of your plate!

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11 Ways To Use Stout For St. Paddy’s Day!

Need to add some oomph to your St. Paddy’s Day recipes?


HGTV has 11 ways to add Stout to your recipes! Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a good stout!

Check out all of the recipes HERE and be the talk of your Paddy’s Day get together.

HGTV has 11 ways to

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New Trends in Basement Refinishing

The basement is the perfect space to refinish and add a whole new level to your home.


From theater rooms to yoga spaces, the options are endless.

To see all of the new trends in basement refinishing, head over to and check out how you can transform this dark dreary space into a little piece of luxury!

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St Paddy’s Local Fun!

St Patrick’s Day is next Friday . Do you have plans?  Looking for some great local places to celebrate?


Image: Thinkstock

Rhode Island Monthly has a write up of  8 local authentic Irish spots to ring in this fun holiday. The day when everyone is Irish!

Check them out here: Local Irish Spots in RI



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An Open Letter From an Agent

Sometimes we need to lighten up the selling process !


The lighter side of real estate recently posted an open letter by an agent to new sellers.

Filled with lots of laughs and some sprinkled in common sense, you can see how going with a real estate agent is the way to go when selling your home!

Read the letter here : An Open Letter From An Agent

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